Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Archbold e-update

What is Archbold e-update?

Archbold e-update is a FREE service for Archbold subscribers. It comprises a weekly email which tells you which parts of Archbold have been affected by changes in law and practice and outlines the changes for use alongside the book and latest supplement. The changes are presented in the style of Archbold and you can see exactly which parts of Archbold are affected as the same chapter and paragraph numbers are used. In addition, each week’s email is consolidated on this website, organised in chapter and paragraph order, which lets you check for any changes affecting Archbold content and be confident you are using the latest information. What’s more, the emails will be an indication of the content that will be provided and expanded upon in each new supplement.

Do I need to pay for this service?

This service is free to all Archbold subscribers.

Can we have more than one customer login?

No. You have one login for each copy of the mainwork you purchase. Please refer to our terms of use for full details.

2. Access to Archbold e-update website

How do I register to receive Archbold e-updates?

Receiving the Archbold e-update couldn’t be simpler. Start by buying the mainwork from or your local legal bookshop. Then go to and register for the service by entering your details and the password provided inside the front cover of your mainwork.

I’ve forgotten my password

Go to and click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link.

I’ve bought the new edition of Archbold, do I have to re-register?

Yes you will need to re-register each year but it’s easy to do. Once you have purchased the new mainwork simply enter the new password from the front of the book on the registration page of and then check that your details do not need to change in ‘MY DETAILS’.

3. Archbold e-update emails

How do I receive the updates by email?

To receive the updates by email go to, log in and go to the ‘MY DETAILS’ page. Ensure that the tick box is checked to receive e-updates.

I have not received any e-updates – where are they?

If you’re not receiving your e-updates, there could be a number of reasons why. Please check the following:

Why have my emails stopped?

The Archbold e-update is not published for two weeks over Easter, Christmas and a summer break.

How do I change the format of my email?

Archbold e-update emails are available in either HTML or plain text format. To change the format of your email from plain text to HTML or vice versa, simply change your email preference in the ‘MY DETAILS’ section of

My Archbold e-update emails don’t look right – what can I do?

If your email is not appearing correctly it may be because your email service does not support HTML emails. To rectify this, try changing your email format preferences in ‘MY DETAILS’ to plain text format rather than HTML.

4. Changing my details for Archbold e-update

How do I change my password?

Go to ‘MY DETAILS’ and amend your password in your security settings.

How do I change my email address?

Go to ‘MY DETAILS’ and amend your contact details.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you’d rather not receive the weekly emails, just tell us by changing your preferences in ‘MY DETAILS’, un-tick the ‘Receive e-updates’ box.

5. Changing my details for other Sweet & Maxwell products

How do I change other contact details with Sweet & Maxwell?

To change any other contact details we hold for you, please contact our Customer Services team on 0845 600 9355.

How do I change my email address for invoicing or other services?

The email address that you have registered on is for the Archbold e-update service only. If you wish to change your email address for invoicing purposes or other services excluding the e-update, you will need to contact our Customer Services team on 0845 600 9355.

6. Other technical details

What browsers can I use to view the website?

The website can be viewed in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

7. Archbold book queries

My Archbold mainwork/supplement has not arrived – where is it?

If you haven't received your recently purchased copy of the mainwork or updating supplement please contact our Customer Services department on 0845 600 9355.

8. Terms of Use

Terms of Use

9. Privacy Policy

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